Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum capacity is 105 total and this includes both indoor and outdoor spaces. Children, vendors, and staff members are also included in the total guest count. 

Private tours are offered Mon through Fri by appointment only. 

Please view the Virtual Tour and read all provided information before requesting to Tour. 

The reservation time you block should include time for setup and take-down. Typical event hosts will take about an hour beforehand to prepare, and an hour after the guests leave to clean. 

Please take this into consideration when requesting your reserved time-frame.

A minimum reservation of 3 hours is required when booking on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. 

To reserve your date, a retainer equal to 50% of the total will be due upon signing. 

Food trucks are allowed on the premises, however there is a specific location that they are required to park during the event. Catering is permissible as well. We do not require you to use any particular vendor. 

You will be asked to provide all contact information prior to the event, and in some cases, provide a proof of insurance from your hired vendors. 

A parking map will be provided to share with your guests. Parking can be found nearby and there is public parking along the street and near the City Hall building which is an easy walk to our property. 

Beer or wine may be brought and provided to those of legal age. The event host is fully responsible to monitor and condemn anyone found to be drinking underage or drinking excessively. 

If liquor is going to be provided, it is required by the TABC that the drinks are to be poured and served by a dedicated server.

Under no circumstances can alcohol be sold. 

Live music or a DJ can be brought in for your guests entertainment. A live band can not have drums. 

The volume level must be monitored by the host and any city noise ordinances must be observed. 

We do not provide sound equipment for musicians or DJs. 

Decorations are allowed. Tacks, ribbon, tape, etc must be completely removed. and disposed of. 

Balloons must be popped before put in the trash cans. 

The staff member will assist throughout the event by managing the parking, helping set out tables and chairs, picking up trash, and contributing to making the event a successful experience. 

The retainer (50% of the total) is non-refundable if cancellation occurs. The remaining balance is non-refundable if cancellation occurs within 14 days of the event. There are no cancellations due to bad weather.

Bad weather can be a nuisance to your planning. We highly recommend that you have a backup ‘weather’ plan in place. Only in extreme circumstances will a cancellation be considered.

We provide the space and necessary equipment for your event. You are responsible for your own food, drinks, utensils, decorations, and any other items you prefer. 

Indoor Space:

  • (Qty 4) 8 ft Wood Tables
  • (Qty 32) Chairs
  • Kitchen with Refrigerator and Microwave
  • 2 Bathrooms stocked
  • Miscellaneous Furniture and Decor 

Outdoor Space:

  • (Qty 6) Wood Picnic Tables
  • (Qty 6) 8 ft Foldable Tables
  • (Qty 2) Wine Barrel Cocktail Tables 
  • (Qty 16) Black Folding Metal Chairs
  • (Qty 40) Black Folding Plastic Chairs 
  • (Qty 12) Metal Bar Stools
  • (Qty 3) Large Ice chests
  • (Qty 4) Propane Patio Heaters (Guests to supply their own Propane)
  • Firepit (Guests to supply their own firewood)
  • (Qty 2) Sets of Cornhole Boards with Bags
  • Covered Stage with Fan or Heat, Electricity, and Lighting


  • Internet wifi (Password Provided)
  • Sonos Speaker System indoor/outdoor
  • (Qty 2) Wall-mounted iPads to control Music
  • Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple TV, other
  • (Qty 2) Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • (Qty 2) Smart TV’s with Direct TV Now, Netflix, Etc with Internet access


  • Trash Bags
  • Trash Cans indoor/outdoor
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Extra Toiletries

Included Items Detail